Front page graphic design

Main view of the new website on a desktop view.

Front page graphic design

Entire front page design.

Front page graphic design

New Facebook identity, featuring new avatar, cover image and a visual concept design for image posts.

Front page graphic design

Screenshot of the old website before the facelift.

Hoitokoti Päiväkumpu (2017)

Päiväkumpu is a Helsinki based care center for the elderly. Their website was completely re-designed in 2017. Among many other things, I designed the graphics and layouts for the new website.

Päiväkumpu's website was done by a small team consisting of me as the head visual/graphic designer and a techical developer, photographer and a communications agency who contributed copywriting. The old website was badly outdated (see screenshot at the bottom of the page) and didn't clearly curate the company's ideology. Their filosophy revolves around tender care and positive view of life, which became the corner stones of the website's visual language.

I designed the general art direction to the website as well as the individual page layouts. New website was lanched in the spring of 2017 and will be further developed and polished as the time goes on. The site runs on WordPress and is, of course, fully responsive.

In addidion the web design, I also designed the visuals for their online presence as well. Their Facebook appearance needed to be facelifted to match the new website. I also had a minor role as a secondary photographer, since we needed a load of new high quality images for the website.

  • Graphic design and layouts: Killer Beach
  • Technical devepment: Oleva Oy
  • Photography: La Buena Photo & Killer Beach
  • Content & copywriting: Kram Oy