Web and app designs

Selection of recent web and app design works

Zero Keyboard app design, web design and logo design

Zero Keyboard

App & web design + logo

10monkeys web graphic design


Graphic desing for website

Graphic design (content graphics) for Veikkaus


Content graphics

Graphic design for We Did It app

We Did It

UI graphics and design for app

Website for Rovio



Motivade app design, web design, logo, illustration etc.


App & web design, logo + more

Graphic design for website


Graphic design for website

Website for Minieläin

Minieläin Oy


App concepts and UI graphics


App concept and UI graphics

Black Island game graphics

Black Island

Game graphics

Graphic design for website


Graphic design for website

UI concept


UI concept

Graphic design for Sub TV's campaign site

Sub TV

Campaign site graphic design

Graphic design for eCommerce site


Graphic design for website

UI concept design


Concept design

Art & Illustrations

Commissioned and personal digital painting projects

pin-up girl paintings

Pin-up girls

Digital pin-ups (personal work)

nature themed paintings


Nature inspired paintings (personal work)

commissioned artwork


Commissioned illustrations

  • killer beach logo

    About the company

    To sum things up, Killer Beach is about just one thing — to create graphics that doesn't SUCK! The company was officially established in 2007 and run by me (Pekka — see bio below), an enthusiastic web graphic designer from Helsinki. Killer Beach is 50/50 about web design and graphic design. Altough the main focus is on graphics, the web happens to be an imporant media where my expertice as a designer can be implemented perfectly.

  • yes it's me - pekka keskinen

    About me

    My name is Pekka Keskinen and I run Killer Beach. I have a huge interest in the web, graphic design, art, visual communication (and of course pin-ups). Graphic design is my destiny. This is a calling for me, not something I just decided to fool around with. I was born with a gift and talent to create. I get inspiration and strenght from ideas and imagination. I honestly believe in the power of ideas. Without them design and art is flat and boring. I want to go beyond that and utilize my skills in many different medias. Primarily I'm interested in the web. My mission is to help the web from becoming lifeless, generic and ugly. I think that is my responsibility as a modern day artist.

    For my design and art related social media endeavours, you can find me on Twitter and on Dribbble.

  • web design services


    I do websites, graphic design, web layouts and facelifts, app designs, art direction and visual concepting — anything web and design related really. Occasionally I do illustration work too. I'm Available for both sub-contracting and B2B. I often work in cooperation with digital agencies who are in the need of team reinforcements. Get in touch if you want to know more. I'm happy to help!

  • clients


    I've worked for more than 100 different clients. All sort of companies — small and very large ones. Some big ones include Veikkaus, Sub TV, Rovio, Helsingin Kaupunki, Activeark, Buff, UN Women and many more. (I'm putting up a complete client/reference list at the moment and will publish it soon.)


Email: pekka@killer-beach.com   |   Hotline: +35840-1853351 (Pekka)