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My design services


I design websites mostly for mid-size companies. My sites are very graphic design oriented and include WordPress, SEO and everything else you need for your company to look rad.

Custom Graphic Design

My goal is to create graphics that doesn't SUCK! I'm really good with Photoshop and I love to put my mind and effort into details. Custom web graphics are one of my most popular services.

Art & Illustration

I'm an art fanatic and a digital painting enthusiast. Hand made illustrations are a great alternative for stock photos if you're looking for something unique for you project.


Hotline: +35840-1853351


About me


My name is Pekka Keskinen and I work as a full time (freelance) web and graphic designer. I live and work in Helsinki, Finland. I've been working with graphics practically my whole life. I started taking commissions in 2001 and in 2007 I established Killer Beach, which is basically a one man digital agency. I'm really into graphics and web design. I'm also an art lover and at my free time I like to go hiking, wild camping, climbing and enjoying the outdoors with my two dogs.

You can find me on Twitter and Dribbble.

Work experience and edumacation

I've been working full time as a freelancer since 2009. Before that I worked as a web developer at Activeark and in few other smaller agencies before that.

In 2008 I graduated from Laurea University of Applied Sciences (nowadays known as Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences), where I studied communications, specialising in new media (four year study programme). My studies included a lot of things related to graphic design, web, typography, communication theories, technology, 3D, animation, video editing, art history etc etc. I have also one lower degree in the graphic arts industry prior to my studies at Laurea.

How to order a custom design?

If you're interested in placing an order for a website, graphic design work etc., the best way to get started is to drop me an email at (or call). Let me know what you need and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Looking forward of hearing from you!

What design works cost?

I'm more than happy to give an price estimate for your project. Each work has it's own specifications so I must calculate an estimate separately for each project. Get in touch and I'll give you a quote.

Delivery times of commissions

Delivery times depend greatly on how booked I am at the moment and how large the project is. Usually I can take new commissions with a fairly short notice. Custom design usually requires a fair bit of patience and time to finish, but it shows in the result.

Affiliation with other freelancers

I have really good connections for larger projects that require more manpower. As a freelancer I usually work solo, especially with custom graphics, but for larger and more complicated website projects, I usually summon a trusted collegue to help out with the workload.


22.10.2014 — New portfolio launched — by Pekka Keskinen

New version of Killer Beach is now online. The last major update was done earlier this year and I started to brainstorm ideas for the new version only after couple of months after releasing it. I got really inspired about making another facelift during this summer. I took me couple of months to finish this as I have been very busy with my work orders.

I've made some big changes to the website. First of all this is now a one-pager again and primarily in english (all the earlier versions has been in finnish). The portfolio system is completely new and I've used a filtering mechanism to sort the projects. It will feature more or less only the most recent works plus some personal favourites. Some of the older works aren't included any more. I'm still deciding which works to leave out and what to add, so I might be adding stuff to the portfolio afterwards, eventhough I'm now launching with less content. I'm kind of a on/off blogger and for the previous version, I established a blog, which I didn't end up using very much. I just didn't have enough time to write decent articles. For that reason I'm going blogless once again, at least for now. I'll be now using this really simple solution for sharing my news and possibly getting more into Twitter.

This new version will be multilingual. As I mentioned, the previous versions has been in finnish for many many years. I'm now changing the primary language to english and adding a language selection soon. I still have to finish the finnish copy though, as it is fairly hard work and it didn't make it to this update.

I really hope you like the new website. I still of course have to break it in, as I'm sure there will be a shit ton of typos, bugs and other things to be tweaked. If you only knew how much effort goes into a project like this. Feel free to drop me a line if you notice some horrible bugs or if you have any critique you want to share. Peace!