App & Web Design

Selection of recent web and app design works

Zero Keyboard app design, web design and logo design

Zero Keyboard

App & web design + logo

App concepts and UI graphics


App concept and UI graphics

10monkeys web graphic design


Graphic desing for website

Graphic design (content graphics) for Veikkaus


Content graphics

Web Design



Graphic design for We Did It app

We Did It

UI graphics and design for app

Website for Rovio



Motivade app design, web design, logo, illustration etc.


App & web design, logo + more

Graphic design for website

Graphic design for website

Website for Minieläin

Minieläin Oy


Black Island game graphics

Black Island

Game graphics

Graphic design for website


Graphic design for website

UI concept


UI concept

Graphic design for Sub TV's campaign site

Sub TV

Campaign site graphic design

UI concept design


Concept design

Art & Illustrations

Commissioned and personal digital painting projects

pin-up girl paintings

Pin-up girls

Digital pin-ups (personal work)

nature themed paintings


Nature inspired paintings (personal work)

commissioned artwork


Commissioned illustrations


The largest one-man design agency in Finland

The Story

In the year 1997, as a very young lad, I laid my eyes on Photoshop for the very first time. My destiny was sealed instantly. I fell in love with computer graphics and I've been on that path ever since. I started designing CD covers for bands, which kicked off my freelance career. Soon after, I started designing websites for bands too. That's when I slowly started to transform into a web designer. I spent the following years studying and working in advertising agencies. After that, in 2009 I finally quit my job and made the leap of faith, to became a full-time freelancer.

Now — during the past seven years, I've been in a mission to use my skills, vision and talent in everything revolving around visual communications in this digital age. I love web design, graphics, apps, art and I'm looking forward to see what the future holds for the web.


I do everything web design related. My passion is designing high quality graphics that are cool, detailed and rad. Mobile app graphics, UI & UX stuff are very close to my heart too. I'm a very creative person — always thinking outside the box, which is why I also provide art direction and consulting services for people who need new ideas and objective views. Latest, but not least, I have a huge interest in marketing communications and social media.

The web is my true big love and my mission is to make it look beautiful and exciting. I was born to be a designer and it is truly my calling to contribute 100% of my talent into making the web beautiful. Nowadays I mainly collaborate with tech start-ups and digital agencies etc, providing a helping hand to everyone in the need for quality design services and killer graphics.


I have worked for a number of companies of all sizes, from all kinds of fields. About 50% of my clients are digital agencies, advertising agencies and tech start-ups. The remaining 50% consists of companies from every possible fields. For example I've done design works record companies, architect agencies, bakeries, tattoo parlours, engineering companies, game developers etc.

Some of my key clients include: Rovio, Veikkaus, Helsingin Kaupunki, MTV3, SubTV, Nelonen, Mirum (aka Activeark), Matrix Room Helsinki, Thomas Hertlein, Prime Web, Blucup (ZeroKeyboard), Helsingin Itsepuolustuskoulu, Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, FloApps, Suomenlinnan Hoitokunta, 10monkeys, Spatineo and many others. In total I've had about 100 different clients over the years.

Pekka Keskinen


Nice to meet you! My name is Pekka Keskinen and I run Killer Beach. If you want to follow my social media endeavours, you can connect via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

I'm at the moment 34 and besides being a design enthusiast and art lover, I also anjoy the outdoors, climbing, hiking, headbanging music, my dogs and good coffee!

Contact   |   +35840-1853351 (Pekka)