Web & App Designs

New! Matrix Room concept design

Identity & layout concept — 2015

New! Black Island iOS game graphics

UI graphics for an adventure game — 2015

Lounge App Design

Concept design for app UI — 2014

Motivade App Design

Art direction & UI-graphics — 2013

Graphics for Veikkaus

Campaign graphics — 2011 to present

Veggie Agents App Design

Graphic design for a food app — 2014

Minieläin.fi website

Website for a pet supply strore — 2014

TripBrasil.com Web Design

Graphics for tripbrasil.com — 2014

Rovio Website

Website for Rovio — 2010

10monkeys.com web design

Graphics for 10monkeys.com — 2014

Art & Illustration

Illustration for TypingMaster

Photoshop + Wacom — 2013

Cold Front (Gil Elvgren study)

Photoshop + Wacom — 2011

Carpathian Forest

Photoshop + Wacom — 2011


Photoshop + Wacom — 2012

About me

My name is Pekka Keskinen. I'm a full-time professional freelance designer, focusing on web design, apps and graphics. Killer Beach (officially established 2007 in Helsinki) is my one man design company. I'm usually always available for comissions. I have a lot of work experience and very good education. I take commissions from all over the world.

My hobbies include everything outdoors related (hiking, wild camping etc), science, art, bouldering and spending time with my dogs.

I'd be happy answer if you have any questions at all.

List of clients

Here's a list of some of my clients from over the years. I've worked for companies from all kinds of fields from design industry to metal bands.