Web & App Designs

10monkeys web design

Design and graphics for 10monkeys — 2014

Lounge App Design

Concept design for app UI — 2014

Motivade App Design

Art direction & UI-graphics — 2013

Graphics for Veikkaus

Campaign graphics — 2011 to present

Veggie Agents App Design

Graphic design for a food app — 2014

Minieläin.fi website

Website for a pet supply strore — 2014

TripBrasil.com Web Design

Graphics for tripbrasil.com — 2014

Rovio Website

Website for Rovio — 2010

Black Island iOS game graphics

UI graphics for an adventure game — 2015

Matrix Room concept design

Identity & layout concept — 2015

Art & Illustration

Illustration for TypingMaster

Photoshop + Wacom — 2013

Cold Front (Gil Elvgren study)

Photoshop + Wacom — 2011

Carpathian Forest

Photoshop + Wacom — 2011


Photoshop + Wacom — 2012

Suomen Taitoluisteluliitto Illustration

Photoshop + Wacom — 2015

About me

My name is Pekka Keskinen. I'm a full-time professional freelance designer, focusing on web design, apps and graphics. Killer Beach (officially established 2007 in Helsinki) is my one man design company. I'm usually always available for comissions. I have a lot of work experience and very good education. I take commissions from all over the world.

I can help you if you're looking for a good web design freelancer. I'm also very interested in app design and UI-graphics so I can definitely help out, if you're looking for someone to jazz up you app design. I'm available for subcontracting (digital agencies etc) and I of course deliver websites for small companies need a professional website.

I'd be happy answer if you have any questions at all.

List of clients

Here's a list of some of my clients from over the years. I've worked for companies from all kinds of fields from design industry to metal bands.